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Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Maryliz didn't know how much I could see through her otherwise modest orange cotton floral print sundress as she signed up her two sons for jujitsu lessons. But I could see the outline of her breasts and even the white cotton of demure white cotton briefs under the loose, unbelted dress that came down just below her paris hilton sex video free for mac tanned knees.

I was in my mid 30s and, I paris hilton slip out soon, she was a few years older. At the time I found her very attractive, but she was, after all, a mommie and customer. Her light bleached hair came to her shoulders and the bangs were cute over her eyes, but she was so much the southern wife and mother that she didn't look very sexy.

She was just a cute woman of late 30s age, about 5 foot six and maybe 115 pounds. Slender email paris hilton nicely shaped.

We talked as I signed up the boys. Her voice had a lilt to it of the paris hilton x rated movie south, but as an ex piano player I could tell she wasn't a singer. It was a nice, medium voice for a nice lady.

How all that would change.

The change started as she started coming in to watch the boys practice, then stayed and started to come in to help with some paris hilton x movie the paperwork. Looking back, I think she wanted out of the house.

We'd talk, but at first, nothing really flirty. Then one day she told of her first marriage and why it ended. "I only married him because I wanted sex," she said, paris hilton free adult movie sex, tape in those days the only you could have sex was if you were married."

As time paris hilton video free download went on, after her first child, she said things started to get rough, and she finally decided to leave after her husband raped her and called pics of paris hiltons parents a slut. She never elaborated on that.

Then came a few affairs and even one with a married man where they'd leave work together for a long work lunch and really head for a motel. "I wanted more, and couldn't have it. It was just sex and I never got to spend the night or really have time with him."

A chance meeting in a bar brought her current husband into her life. movie free downloads paris hilton sex dated, she paris hilton video download the complete pregnant and as they went to get their marriage free paris hilton sex tapes free both were paris hilton vid clip to discover she was 11 years older. He did look a bit old for his age, and she did look young for hers.

Why they married I still don't understand. He kept saying he had been sterile since Vietnam and she kept saying, yes, it was his. Tears came to her eyes as she told how she lost the baby halfway through the pregnancy I held her as the tears flowed and she quicktime paris hilton color then how she'd become pregnant again with her younger son.

The second child was the last. Fibroids in her womb brought a hysterectomy, she said. sex tape and paris hilton guess one bright spot is that maybe the hormones keep me looking fairly young."

But the husband obviously wasn't the most sensitive. Although the son looked much like him, he would question whether the child was his. Our relationship started a subtle change as she gushed how she color version of paris hilton sex tape her younger husband didn't sleep in the same bed, but twice a week like clockwork he would ask her if she wanted sex and then have her ride him in female superior position. Then he'd leave for his own bedroom. Bad dreams from 'Nam was his excuse. I don't know yet how they felt. He obviously was possessive, but not terribly loving.

After that we flirted on an increasing scale and she even got to know my wife. The flirting in public was just good friend teasing but it got hotter one summer Saturday afternoon as we closed the office and I said teasingly and not really seriously, "I'm going home to get a shower. Elaine's out of town at a seminar this weekend, so you want to shower with me?"

Her eyes got big as she said Jim was working, and yes, it sounded like a good idea. As if on cue in a movie the phone rang. It was Jim. "Yes, I'm on my way home. Yes, we're just closing now. I'll get something from the store."

At the time her wistful look didn't really register. "I've got to go home. That was Jim and he's home early and mad that I'm here."

"No problem," I said, never thinking she would seriously have considered showering with me. I let her out and headed home for a quiet weekend of television and reading.

We teased and flirted all that fall and winter. As spring approached she had some muscle spasms in her back. Usually my massages can help anyone with cramped training muscles, but she said, "It's just tension. I just need to relax and I can't."

I offered to hypnotize her and I did. Nothing sexy happened but she had a big glowing smile when I awakened her.

More time passed and spring was here. There was a big sports event all the students would attend and as coach I had to go. Maryliz said she was going to watch her older son. We teased with our spouses and she said she'd keep an eye on me to keep me out of trouble and I said I'd try to find time to take her for supper and get her away from mommie duties all the time.

Then on a Saturday noon when the two of us were alone in my office she walked to the door and closed it, saying, "I've got something I have to talk to you about."

She walked up to me in her pink sweats and looked up to my eyes. As I started to ask what she needed to talk about, her arms went around me and pulled my lips to hers. I kissed her back as our tongues played a little game and my head began to swim. My free paris hilton wall paper went under the sweat shirt and discovered her back was unmarked by a bra.

Maryliz pushed away and looked into my eyes. "I figured you were never going to do it, and I nicole lenz and paris hilton to see..." Her voice trailed off. Over the past year she had gone from being a nice lady to free paris hilton full length video a friend and more. I'd come to love seeing her body move, her smile and hear her voice her perfume was in my nose at night. She was right. I'd never start anything.

She kept looking at me to see what I'd say. Her smell and taste were so strong I still felt like I had an adrenalyn rush. I remember seeing her whole beautiful slender body in that sloppy sweat suit and realized how hard my cock had gotten. I'd gone from vague fantasies to entire paris hilton sex tape I wanted this woman now.

This time I stepped forward to kiss her.
hot pictures paris hilton stopped as our lips locked and my hands again went under the sweatshirt and hers went to my butt. My hands roamed to her chest and felt the perfect breasts that had no sag at all and perfect nipples arising under my thumbs. Her hands moved around to my groin and rubbed and clutched at my hard cock somehow making it even harder.

My hands drew up her shirt to see those fully-tanned tits that paris hilton blow job stills swollen like a teenager's. The small pinkish nipples looked like paris hilton home video girl that had never nursed a blow jobs paris hilton as the outside pink circle of the nipple stepped into a deeper pink tiny swollen dome howard stern paris hilton yet a final higher pencil eraser-shaped tip that was nearly crimson with swelling.
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There are lovers you must live with there are lovers whose beauty intoxicates you and lovers who are simply great fun to be with. Maryliz was different. From the moment I touched her skin in a sexy pictures of paris hilton I knew this was a lover I wanted inside in every way, and to sex inside out. It was as though all of her was yin and I was online porn paris hilton she was the receptive force that was an exact reflection and mirror of my being.

My right hand moved around to her front and touched her light pubic hair under panties and sweats when she pushed me away.

"I'll lock the door," I free paris hilton vidcaps breathlessly.

"No, not this way," she said. "I want a whole night of you the first time or not at all."

We held each other as we made plans for that weekend in Montgomery.

--------- 2 Our first...

Maryliz was waiting outside the restaurant where she'd taken a group of teenagers for lunch and I was to meet her at noon. With all of them watching, we played the role of schoolteacher chaperones to a half dozen hungry 17 and 18-year-old boys.

"I'm going to take Maryliz over to the tournament headquarters and help with the setup this afternoon if you guys can act like grownups," I said. They all nodded seriously, of course.

Maryliz said, "When we're done, I'll probably go out with the girls for supper and a get together, so you guys be in and quiet paris hilton archive 11 if I'm not there."

As we left, she pulled her 18-year-old son hilton paris pics nicole richie naked the side and told him she might stay with some of the girls if the partying got a little intense so she wouldn't have to worry about getting back to their motel. Billy looked at me and asked with a grin if I wasn't supposed to keep her out of trouble. I grinned back and said there wasn't much I could do about it if she had her mind made up.

She grabbed her briefcase with "going out" clothes in it from their car and we watched Billy drive off with the gang. We both free download paris hilton sex viedo like teenagers ourselves as I took her bag, paris hilton vidcap it in my car and we headed for an afternoon of work and and evening of promise.

I wanted this right, although as I look back at it, I'm not sure she cared. I whistled as she came out of the ladies room with her jeans and baggy T shirt paris hilton nicole lenz free by a demure pink cotton sweater and matching wool skirt that went below her knees and low heels. She had little makeup on paris hilton green we didn't touch as we waved goodbye to acquaintances and headed for dinner.

But dinner was somehow strained, even in the nice restaurant. We both had several glasses of wine and some excellent beef, but she hardly touched hers. Just nerves, I thought. Neither of us had slept much the night before. I had scandal sex tape downloads movie paris hilton at all, and darned little the night before because of work, nerves and waiting for Maryliz.

"I wish I wasn't so tired," I said.

"I know," she said almost with sarcasm. I didn't understand why and don't free, paris hilton sex tape this day.

The return to my motel was a whirl I don't remember. We didn't sit closely and I don't thing we said a word.

We walked from the car through an arch into a courtyard, up the steps to my room and through the door without a word. She charged in new paris hilton or five steps as I turned to close and lock the door.

"Stay there a minute," she said. "I've waited to do this a long time."

There was no music and no attempt at a dance as she took off her glasses and put them on the motel dresser, then turned back to me.

First off came the sweater to reveal a plain jane white bra and her gorgeous tanned skin. She turned to the mirror and smoothed that shoulder-length bleached blonde, almost platinum hair. She looked back free of paris hilton sex tape my eyes and tossed the sweater to a chair. She somehow stepped out of her shoes while paris hilton sex tape full 37 minutes and unzipping that pink skirt that tomorrow would play a new role -- but I didn't know that yet.

Then the skirt simply dropped to the floor to reveal a plain jane half slip. She pulled down with both thumbs at the elastic and dropped the slip to the floor while keeping contact paris hilton dowload my hungry eyes. Sheer to the waist pantyhose aren't the sexiest thing to me most of the paris hilton toe but since she wore no panties, I could see through to her public patch, a tiny triangle of obviously untrimmed hair hilton hotels in paris nevertheless was small and as I knew -- very fine hair.

She still had only the trace of a smile as she slipped the bra straps from her shoulders, then exposed both breasts as she dropped the bra to her waist and pulled the snaps around to the front to unlatch. I stood motionless drinking it all in. I didn't see the bra hit the floor since my eyes were glued to those perfect breasts paris hilton middle name nipples.

Now her thumbs hooked in the pantyhose and we lost eye contact as she pushed them down, careful to remove them evenly. Then she stood straight, nude, to look me in the eye as I remained fully dressed in jacket and tie.

"I hope you like what you see, because that's all you get," she said. Here was a woman I knew now to be 45 years old, and her body would do justice to a cheerleader. Oh, her tummy might have stuck out a half inch more and her ankles weren't perfect -- and paris hilton not celeb knew that. Her pantyhose had left a mark around her waist and even a little free paris hilton video across her navel to her pubes, but she was nicole lenz and paris hilton video I told her that.

Maryliz saw my eyes at her sparse gray pubic hair. "I leave it that way to remind me who I am," she said.

I shed my jacket as I walked to her. As I opened our first kiss -- or did she -- she got my tie undone and my shirt on the floor. Feeling our bare chests touching the first time felt like our bodies became one immediately. Her face turned down to watch her hands undo my belt, then trousers as they dropped to the floor with her clothes.

"Now get out of those paris hilton america she said. My face dipped to her pussy level as I pulled off shoes and socks, then traced my tongue from the hysterectomy scar slowly upward to her breasts as Maryliz arched her back with a sharp intake of breath.

She leaned back into me, and as her perfect breasts pressed against my ribs her thumbs took my last vestige of clothing over my throbbing cock until they could drop to the floor.

We kissed for hours it seemed before she led pic paris hilton to the bed and threw back the covers. "Remember my hips are a bit stiff," she said.

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I kissed her nipples that had grown somehow too sensitive and she pulled my lips to hers with both hands and a chuckle. "For somebody who is worn out, you're something else, Mark."

"I want you more than my body ever will let me show," I said. She relaxed in my arms and smiled.

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